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WELCOME TO MY WILDPAW ART Website! New artwork will be posted throughout the year including a series of original Watercolor Abstracts, Impressionistic Landscapes, and new original whimsical and retro Wildpaw Bear Art paintings .

First in original "Wildpaw Bears" series of paintings by Karen Bicknell. Inspiration for the painting - boating at my family cottage on Lake Couderay in northern Wisconsin where black bear sightings are not uncommon. Style is whimsical, retro and fun. Title is "WildPaw Waves." Collectors have been asking for more artwork in this series. All original art work in the WildPaw Bears series are painted in watercolor on full sheets of watercolor paper - 22"x30".

The "WildPaw Bears" are in their own Fat Tire bicycle race. This race is hugely popular in the Northwoods of the Midwest during the fall. Title is "Ride Like an Animal." Imagine bikers seeing these bears riding along the trails! The original has been sealed and mounted to Ampersand Clayboard. 22"30". Available for purchase. Interested individuals please contact -

Inspired by the famous ski races held each year across the country and world, this original watercolor Wildpaw Bear painting titled "Ski Like an Animal "is perhaps the most favorite of the Wildpaw Bears series with a close second to"Wildpaw Waves." The original hangs with a custom timber frame in a private collection of an avid Birkebeiner skiing enthusiast. Prints of this painting were also purchased by a Russian coach and fellow ski team members visiting the US participating in the ski race that year. Prints at Redberry books have been sold out.

"Moonlit Paddle" is another original whimsical bear painting done in retro style. Original is hanging in a private collection in Michigan with a custom timber frame. At the collector's request, it was not framed under glass.

"Bear Catch" is a whimsical play for all musky fishing enthusiasts. Original was painted in honor of the Musky Festivals held every year throughout the Midwest. The serene sunset remains a favorite.

"The BearkieBarkie" was inspired by another famous ski race originating in Norway and is hugely popular here in our country as well. Skiers race with dogs to the finish line. Here, the Wildpaw Bears share in the sport in a whimsical way. The background is inspired from the main street in downtown Hayward, Wisconsin.

Paintings with a ski theme continue to be a favorite of mine. In the winter of 2009 I was honored to have my abstract painting titled "Vertical Slope" selected and published as cover of the 30th Anniversary of the Cross Country Skier magazine . The original was purchased by another avid skiing enthusiast framed under glass with a custom timber frame and remains in his private collection in northern Wisconsin. In February of 2016 my painting titled "The Race" was again selected and published as cover for the Cross Country Skier magazine. This original painting is acrylic on canvas and done in an impressionistic abstract style . It now hangs in a private collection in California. While I also enjoy working with other mixed media mediums, watercolor remains my favorite.

All the best, Karen Bicknell