Visual Artist - Karen Bicknell

National Status member American Pen Women Society, Washington D.C..

CHARAC Art Council Hayward Wisconsin NWWS Seattle Wa

Artist Statement -

In my paintings, animals join us in our living space through whimsical brushwork. Is it nature or humanity itself that is meeting our own gaze in a playful way? "Bear Catch," was designed to be viewed at eye level. Collectors of my work often wonder if this is an animal or a human being portrayed enjoying the sport. What I imply heavily in my work is that there is so hierarchy in our world. We are all on the same level and all share in this experience together. I encourage everyone to reflect in the muse of wildlife and simply enjoy. Art sends my message.

Biography -

Born and raised in Chicago, Karen attended Northeastern Illinois University as an Art major, and has continued to paint for many years studying under celebrated artists as Donna Jill Witty, Ona Kingdom and Joan Blackburn. In December 2009 she was honored to have her painting "Vertical Slope" selected and published as the cover of Cross Country Skier magazine. This year one of Karen's paintings has again been selected as cover of the Jan.-Feb. 2016 issue of Cross Country Skier magazine, an abstract mixed media painting titled "The Race. Her other works have been published in Cabin Life magazine, and The Visitor magazines. Additionally, her work has received awards from Northland Area Art League, Geneva Lake Art Association, and the Cable Hayward Area Arts council. In Jan. 2016 she was juried into National standing in Membership of the American Pen Women Society.

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